VoIP Telephone Systems: Exploring The Pros And Cons

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems are among the most beneficial options business owners have available to them when selecting a phone system for their business communication needs (from professionals such as CommPro Communication Specialists). However, like all phone systems, VoIP systems will come along with both pros and cons that must be considered. Consequently, these systems may not be right for everyone. Taking the time to review both the good and bad features outlined below can help you to determine whether or not a VoIP system is right for you.

The Pros

There are several impressive benefits that come along with installing a VoIP phone system. These benefits include:

  1. Cost Efficient - A VoIP system allows you to operate a virtually unlimited number of business phone lines for one flat rate each month. This opportunity is far more affordable than paying to connect multiple dedicated phone lines through your local phone company, especially if your business requires the use of a multiple line call center.
  2. Mobility - VoIP systems can be used anywhere that you have access to a reliable internet connection. Consequently, these systems are perfect for companies that often take their business on the road. This feature will also allow you to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, and employees even when you are away from the office without the need to provide them with your personal phone number. Instead, you can simply use your VoIP connection to answer your personal business line from a remote location.
  3. Expansion Potential - A VoIP system can be expanded to include as many lines as you require, as well as incorporating any additional media that you may require. For instance, many VoIP systems will not only offer voice service, but fax, video, and email services as well. The use of multiple media sources as part of your VoIP system can help to greatly improve the quality of your business communications.

The Cons

There are also a few disadvantages that you should be aware of before choosing to install a VoIP system. These disadvantages include:

  1. Need For Equipment - A VoIP system will require the use of special equipment in order to adapt your traditional phones to work with your internet connection. While this equipment will typically represent a one time cost, it can greatly increase the upfront investment that these systems will require.
  2. Need For Internet Connection - Your VoIP phone services will only be as reliable as your internet connection. Consequently, if you experience frequent service outages or a lagging connection, you could find that a VoIP system does not provide you with the voice quality and reliability that your business demands.

The Bottom Line

While VoIP systems are an extremely beneficial option for most business owners, these systems will not be right for everyone. For instance, a warehouse that does routinely make use of a high speed internet connection may find that a VoIP system requires them to invest in equipment and services that they would not otherwise need.