Start Your Home Security At Your Driveway

Home security is likely one of the most important elements of your home. Without it, you could be an easy target for burglaries and home invasions. One area of your property that is oftentimes neglected is the driveway. Here, you will learn a few of the security options available for your driveway.

Security Gates

One of the most effective ways to eliminate trespassing by means of your driveway is by installing security gates at the entrance. These gates will only open and close if you press a button from your home or use a remote from within your car. Visitors will be required to use a call box to buzz the house to gain access to your home. Security gates come in a variety of styles. You can choose an elegant design that really stands out and adds architectural beauty to your home, or a basic chain-link fence that really only secures the property. Security gates are only truly effective if you enclose your property with fencing. Property that is fenced in is less likely to be targeted for a burglary or intrusion. Criminals are looking for an easy target with an easy exit.

Rubber Hose Alarms

Rubber hose alarms are probably the most affordable and simple option of driveway security. The driveway has a rubber hose that runs across it and connects to a bell. When a car drives over the rubber hose, the air pressure from inside the hose causes the bell to ring. This will alert you of any approaching vehicles so you can check to see if you know the visitor before they reach your home.

Metal Sensing Alarms

This type of driveway alarm system is effective in alerting you if a vehicle enters your driveway. It will not be triggered if a person walks on the driveway. This is a great option for homeowners with pets or that have wild animals around their property through the day.

Infrared Alarms

This is one of the most advanced forms of driveway security. Infrared sensors are positioned to detect the movement of any warm bodies or vehicles on your driveway. This will effectively sound an alarm if a person approaches your house on foot or in their car. Unfortunately, these alarms do sound if they pick up movement of a stray dog or a raccoon in your driveway.  

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