5 Simple Ways To "Go Green" At The Office

Just about everyone today is worried about their "carbon footprint," or their impact on the overall environment. This is true at the office, where even a small company can produce a tremendous amount of waste and pollution through their everyday processes and procedures. If you want to introduce greener measures for your office, consider five simple ways to do this:

1. Buy used printers and other equipment

One reason this is so beneficial for the environment is that it keeps these used printers out of landfills, which is where they usually wind up when they cannot find buyers. It also cuts down on the pollution created when new printers are manufactured. If you're worried about quality, look for a printer with a warranty so you know the re-seller will stand behind their product.

2. Refill your ink cartridges

Refilling your ink cartridges rather than buying new saves you money and it also saves the planet. Fewer cartridges will wind up in the rubbish, and even if you have cartridges recycled, the recycling process itself creates pollution from the energy it requires. By refilling your ink cartridges every time they get dry or low on ink, you benefit yourself and the environment.

3. Put out a number of recycling bins in the office

Employees often fail to recycle because it's so inconvenient, whereas putting items in the trash is quick and easy for them. To encourage them to recycle as much as possible, create recycling stations at various points in the office that are convenient for everyone. If your employees don't need to go far to put their bottles and aluminum cans in a recycling bin, they're more likely to wind up there.

4. Have someone pick up the recycling for the company

Another way to encourage employees to recycle is to have someone pick up their recyclable materials from their cubicles or offices. Give employees small bins in which they can put recyclable paper, bottles, and cans and then have an employee walk a trolley or cart around once or twice per day and collect these items. This makes it even easier for employees to keep their things out of the rubbish.

5. Adjust your thermostats

Heating and cooling an office when it's empty is a waste of money and energy. If you have certain employees who work overtime and you're using your utilities just for them, rethink your seating arrangement and have them move to one part of the office and then use a zone thermostat for that part alone. Any and all adjustments you make to the utilities you use will ensure you're using less energy and in turn, are creating less pollution.

If you need help, try ocntacting a company that can help you to learn better ways to manage your printer supplies.